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The Jamespot Intranet and the Strength of Nocode

Based on the modularity and strength of Nocode, the Fast Intranet application allows an organization to create a modern intranet in line with its collaborative needs in a quick and easy way. Jamespot offers you to create your own intranet from scratch and to customize it as you wish in terms of both form and content. How can you do this? Thanks to the modularity of the Jamespot solution coupled with the strength of Nocode, both forming the base of the Fast Intranet application.

First appearing in the 1990s, the intranet is in some ways the oldest of the collaborative solutions. Everyone thought it was out of fashion and even replaced by its competitors such as the enterprise social network or the Digital Workplace.

In truth, this is far from the truth: centralizing the sharing of information within a single space is still a major advantage that many organizations still enjoy today. However, many organizations find themselves with an outdated intranet that is not adapted to their current uses, and they want to start again from scratch, due to the weight of time.

This is precisely what the Jamespot solution offers you. You don't have the technical skills to create your own intranet? Don't worry: you don't need to! Thanks to its modularity and the strength of NoCode, the Jamespot solution allows anyone to create the intranet of their dreams... without having to deal with lines of code! 😉

Ready to find out how? 😁

Let's get started! 😄 🏁

Jamespot: Modularity as a Priority

Before we get into the heart of the subject, a few words about Jamespot are in order. Jamespot is a collaborative SaaS platform whose goal is to allow organizations to collaborate and communicate in a simpler and faster way to boost their productivity. However, no one organization is exactly the same as another, either in terms of usage or culture. Why should your tool be any different 😉

To allow each of our customers to have a platform that looks like them, we have put modularity at the heart of our solution. The Jamespot solution allows you to create the tool of your choice with the colors, applications and uses that YOU have chosen!

With Jamespot, the situation is simple: you decide, the solution adapts and takes the shape you want!

Fast Intranet: the Intranet for Everyone

The Application

Now that you know the basics of the Jamespot solution, let's look at the ways in which it can help you create the ideal intranet for you and your employees. As we said, the Jamespot solution is based on the principle of modularity. Each Jamespot user can find this modularity in a specific place: the Jamespot Store.

A store with more than a hundred applications that can be activated at any time according to the needs of the users. Do you want to communicate with your employees? Optimize the management of your projects? Request precise information from your colleagues? The store surely has what you need 😉

Among all the great things the store has to offer, one application in particular interests us: the Fast Intranet application! Thanks to its widget system, Fast Intranet offers the possibility for any professional to create a new intranet from scratch. But what exactly is a widget? 🤔 A widget is a module offering a specific content.

Fast Intranet offers a large selection of widgets, each with a different purpose: text, illustrations, links, weather, calendar, etc. Each widget can be placed on the pages of your intranet at the position of your choice. It is even possible to combine widgets to create a multitude of different pages! 😮 The advantage of the widget system? 🤔 You don't need to know how to manipulate code to create your intranet. Once you've adopted the system, the only thing you need to rely on is your creativity 😉

Page Templates and Governance

The widget system allows an organization to shape and design your intranet the way they want, but Fast Intranet doesn't stop there! The application has 2 other features designed to optimize your experience. The first is the page template and is designed to save you time in creating your intranet (and yes, even more time!). Creativity is great, but perhaps your primary goal is to get a brand-new intranet set up as quickly as possible?

Identify a page that you are satisfied with using the page template functionality: this will be your main template for creating the pages that will enrich your intranet. The second functionality is somewhat different as it directly concerns the governance of your intranet, which is as important as its design!

It is quite simple: only you decide who will have access to your intranet and to which part of it. The home page, for example, will undoubtedly be accessible to all your employees, which may not be the case for the pages dedicated to each of your departments: it is up to you to set up the governance that suits you best!

The Task Force: your Need, our Mission

Fast Intranet has your eye on it. You can already see yourself playing with widgets and already have an idea of the type of governance you want to implement in your tool. The problem is that you are missing a crucial element to finally take the plunge and redesign your intranet: time. You lack time and you are afraid that the project will be delayed... We are aware of this and that is why we have set up a solution adapted to this problem that many organizations encounter: the Task Force.

The Task Force is made up of experts whose mission is to help you create the best possible intranet for your organization. How does it work in practice? A few exchanges with the Task Force to define your needs, your requirements, and the duration of the project and off you go! Our experts take care of building your intranet for you! The Task Force's field of action doesn't stop there: it can also take care of the animation of your platform, create Smart Pages, run training workshops for your employees and much more, so if you want to know more about the Task Force, it's right here! 😉

To Conclude

At Jamespot, we wanted to give organizations the means to redesign their intranet or create a new one in a quick and easy way. Modularity, the foundation of Jamespot's solution, coupled with the strength of Nocode has resulted in Fast Intranet, an intuitive application that allows any professional to create a customized intranet. Create your own custom pages, define governance rules, and get your employees on board with a tool defined by you... all in a few clicks! 🤩

If you want to know more about Fast Intranet or Jamespot's expertise, don't hesitate to contact us either for a personalized demonstration (we promise, we won't hide anything from you! 😉 ) or for a free 30-day trial to play with the Jamespot solution the way you want to!

With Jamespot, you choose, and we take care of the rest 😉


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