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Open Agora

The best of real-time collaboration

Strengthen collaboration throughout your organization by structuring information around your company's businesses, projects and common themes. 🚀

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Create bridges between your businesses 📣

The Jamespot tool for collaboration and collective productivity!

Open Agora gathers all your collaborators in a platform with all the necessary features to allow them to work together and get the best of digital collaboration.


The collaborators, information, documents and projects are divided into thematic groups, accessible in real time for reinforced exchanges and a better collective cohesion.

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You will love to collaborate with Open Agora

Open Agora boosts your internal communication by helping you targeting the right audiences

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The strength of the collective in a unique tool

Deploy the full collective potential of your organization with Open Agora!

By department, project or theme, gather your collaborators in workgroups within your Jamespot platform to allow all your business lines to work together in a simpler and more efficient way.


Calendar, project management tables, document bank or survey tool: each group has all the necessary applications to allow its members to collaborate and work together over time.

Focus on the essentials

Too much information kills productivity.


That's why Open Agora shares with each of your collaborators information related only to their own news.


Each collaborator has access to a unique activity stream that is updated in real time according to the news of the groups to which they belong.


All your employees have access to the most important information to better collaborate while focusing on the essential: their job!

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Information in all of its forms

Give a new breath to your internal communication with Open Agora!


News and information can be shared in a multitude of forms in Open Agora, depending on your context and the target audience.


Instant team messaging, articles, podcasts, videos or even checklists: choose the form in which you want the information to reach your employees and strengthen their engagement in your Jamespot platform!

Collaboration without limits

Do your teams work from home? From a coworking space or even abroad?


On PC, mobile, tablet or even your TV screen, Open Agora accompanies you in all your movements to be always informed of the news of your company and your employees.


Collaboration has no limits with Open Agora!

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Key functionalities of Open Agora

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The activity stream

All the news and information about you. The activity feed is updated according to the activity of the groups you belong to. Take a look at it from time to time to see what's important in your organization!

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Targeted info

Targeted Info allows you to share your messages in an even more precise way to the audience of your choice, based on the profile of your collaborators rather than on the groups. It's the perfect application to make sure your messages hit home!

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Videos & audios

Enrich your internal communication and address your employees directly with video and audio content! Two contents not to be neglected to diversify your messages and reinforce the commitment of your employees.

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Attendance management

A quick look at Attendance Management to see who will be on the premises or working from home during the week. Ideal for organizing your team according to the context of each collaborator!

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Questions & Answers

The application dedicated to knowledge for all! Questions & Answers provides your entire organization with the most frequently asked questions and their associated answers. No need to bother one of your colleagues to find out how to publish a new article in your platform!

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The date survey

No more endless exchanges to find a date! Date polling allows all your collaborators to select the date that suits them best for the next team meeting without disturbing others. 

Open Agora: a simple rate with no surprises

Open Agora

Your targeted, real-time communication solution


per users / month

* Decreasing rate according to the number of users

Our customers say it best

Savina Open Agora.png

"Jamespot allows us to combine the needs in terms of communication and information in the world of work, and the desire of our employees to flourish in their professional environment."

Savina Blot-Dollfus

Director of Transformation and Innovation - Figaro Group Travel Division

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