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Digital Workplace

Smart Place

Your all-in-one Digital Workplace

Engage your employees in a unique and universal communication and collaboration experience


The Digital Workplace : 100% digital productivity

Providing structured access to the organization's information and tools is essential today !

✨ 61% of organizations declare that operational efficiency is the 1st issue of digital in their organization, an issue not reached with current Digital Workplaces (Arctus)

✨ A disengaged employee costs 15000€ / year to his organization (RH Partners)


With the Digital Workplace, Jamespot helps you meet this challenge :

🚀  A simple and powerful intranet

🚀  A real-time and collaborative internal social network

🚀 Participative and productive meetings

🚀  Agile and innovative projects


You gonna love communicate with Smart Place

Your personalized, integrated and secure Digital Workplace

The gateway to your Digital Workplace

In real or delayed time, the Digital Workplace combines all the necessary tools to boost your internal communication:

🚀  A homepage and a customized menu according to your communities (multilingual, local...)

🚀  Fast Intranet and Open Agora for top-down and transversal communication

🚀  Messenger and videoconference for real-time communication 


​The power of collaboration

With the Digital Workplace, take advantage of a set of applications dedicated to collaboration to boost your employees uses.

✨  Spreadsheets for your agile projects

✨  Diapazone for your team meetings

✨  WeDoc for online office automation

✨  And much more

Integrate your software on your Digital Workplace

Mail, telephony, HRIS, EDM, etc. One of the strengths of the Digital Workplace lies in its strong ability to integrate your business software.

With the Digital Workplace, integrate your software to adapt your tool to your professional context.


Create your own applications

You have a specific application in mind? What if you could create it yourself without any code manipulation ?


On your own or with the help of our Task Force, your applications will come to life on Jamespot thanks to our Studio.

Key features of Smart Place

Smart place logo.png

Fast intranet

The tool that makes the creation of intranets accessible to all thanks to its widgets! Create your personalized intranet quickly and easily with the Fast Intranet application and its no code features.

Smart place logo.png

Open Agora

All your news and informations. Structure the information around your company's businesses, projects and common themes.

Smart place logo.png

Surveys & Quiz

Two applications to engage your employees. Two applications ideal for engaging your employees! Gather their opinion on a specific subject with "Survey" or test their knowledge through the "Quiz" application.

Smart place logo.png

The Email

Don't waste time changing tools and centralize all email exchanges in your Digital Workplace anymore. Offer your employees a complete and collaborative work environment.

Smart place logo.png

Documentary Bank

The application that simplifies access to all your productivity indicators. 

The application allows you to consult and export the main data of the platform in terms of connection, reading, publication, social actions or group subscription.

Smart place logo.png


Communicate instantly with your team and speed up your daily activity. Exchange information, share documents and initiate a video conference in 1 click from the Messenger.

Smart Place : One price, no surprises

Digital Workplace

Smart Place, your all-in-one tool

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What our customers say about it


We chose Jamespot for its accessibility, its ease of deployment and administration, and its ability to mix intranet and corporate social network. We now have a democratized, interactive and instantaneous communication system.


Director of Communications and Commitments - La France Mutualiste

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Jamespot, your communication & collaboration platform

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Open Agora

Structure your organization's information around businesses, interests and common themes.

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Fast Intranet

Strengthen your organization's internal communication and structure access to your information system.

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Jamespot Land

Strengthen your internal communication by engaging your hybrid teams in virtual offices dedicated to your organisation.

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