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Jamespot and Security

Providing Security is in Jamespot's DNA🧬

Security on Jamespot platforms

Security is an important element for every organization and it cannot be overlooked, especially when it comes to digital. We are well aware of this.


That is the reason, we strive every day to do our utmost to ensure that the companies that place their trust in us can exchange, communicate, share, in short, collaborate with confidence and serenity, whether their Jamespot platform takes the form of an Intranet , an Enterprise Social Network, an Extranet or a Digital Workplace.

Here's how Jamespot has made security a central part in its services:

To protect you better


Not all of your organization's data is held in our hands, on the contrary, Jamespot made a choice more than 10 years ago to place its trust in the OVH company. Your organization's data are stored on OVH servers based in Roubaix. In fact, your data remain and will remain your property.

OVH guarantees the highest levels of data hosting security.


Platform Access


Jamespot platform is coded in HTTPS. HTTPS allows secure communication between your users and our servers.

This allows :

  • to certify that your users are indeed dialoguing with the network you have set up, and not with a clone that would capture information.

  • to encrypt transfers between the browser and the server to avoid any surveillance, even physical, during the exchange of information.


Password storage is encoded and stored in SHA256 plus SALT.

In addition, Jamespot has implemented a mechanism to indicate the degree of password strength.




Production servers are VMs deployed in VSphere, according to OVH's SDDC (Software-Defined Datacenter) offer.

VMs are located on RAID-1 or RAID-10 storage arrays, to ensure double the storage capacity.

Data is backed up every evening, and sent encrypted online to keep a copy for 7 days at another location.

Finally, if a client wants to have its own backup, a paid option to export SQL to an SSH account is available.

Platform Access
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Jamespot supervision platform

Jamespot's supervision platform provides access to all accounts on all social networks managed by Jamespot. This functionality is used as a help for the user who requests it, or to reproduce bugs in the customer environment.


Jamespot uses third party companies to provide physical hosting of data and processing. The execution conditions of these contracts are in accordance with the rules of art and French and European law.





Maintenance interventions are deployed from a Subversion source repository, in order to systematically deploy the same modifications on all the servers that make up the main datacenter at OVH.

Performing maintenance operations

Jamespot development team is the only one authorized to carry out these operations.

Involvement of third parties

Only the host, namely OVH in this case, may be required to perform repair operations in the event of damage to the servers.


Application Security


User action history

An access log is available for administrators. It records all access traces of all users for one year.

Security watch

Jamespot follows the ANSSI communication ( for alerts and responses to computer attacks.

Security audit

Jamespot outsources safety audits, both automatic and human, and more generally, Jamespot is accompanied in its safety procedures by mandated professionals.

Any customer can request a security audit (intrusion tests). He will be in charge of it, but Jamespot commits itself to help him in the implementation of the audit.

Incident Management

Incident communication

Software malfunctions as well as proven problems with user data are reported directly to you by our dedicated "Support" application in the shortest possible time.

Outsourcing related Incidents

Incidents occurring on equipment managed by subcontractors are contractually subject to an e-mail alert. Incident resolutions are documented and sent to us.

If you would like to know more about our security measures, please consult our Security FAQ.

Application Security
Incident Management
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