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Jamespot Land

The first metaverse thought and designed for professionals

Strengthen your internal communication by engaging your hybrid teams in virtual offices dedicated to your organization.


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Bring your corporate culture to life

If professionals are nowadays over-equipped to work digitally, organizations struggle to engage their employees in their daily actions and to bring them together effectively around a common project. Tiredness related to video conferencing, remote meetings that are not very engaging and isolation of each individual to the detriment of the collective spirit are the new challenges posed by hybrid work/the lot of many employees who struggle to project themselves into the future of their organization.


Jamespot Land is the perfect way to improve the quality of informal exchanges and to optimize engagement, thus positively impacting your company culture!


Jamespot Land engages your employees in a unique and immersive world to keep them connected and informed on a daily basis.


Dynamic meetings, informal exchanges and collective culture are once again the order of the day with Jamespot Land!

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You'll love real time collaboration with Jamespot Land!

Jamespot Land engages your employees in the daily life of your organization

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Optimize the way you collaborate

Discover the future of business communication through Jamespot Land !

Play as a custom avatar and explore a vast 2D metaverse where informal exchanges and real-time collaboration become one.

Recreate spontaneity in your internal exchanges and engage your hybrid teams in the life of your organization wherever they are.

Jamespot Land is waiting for you

The public areas of Jamespot Land are waiting for you !


Bring your team projects to life in the coworking space, make presentations to your partners and collaborators in the amphitheater or meet new people in the local café.


Push the boundaries of collaboration by freely exploring Jamespot Land.

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Set up your virtual office today

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Want to have your own digital workspace ?

Create and set up virtual offices dedicated to your organization to recreate cohesion between your hybrid teams.


Choose the look and size of your offices from predefined templates and put an end to the isolation of your employees by engaging them in a digital space with your colors.

Key features of Jamespot Land

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Your avatar

Create and fully customize your avatar in Jamespot Land! From headgear to accessories, from serious to fun, take advantage of the hundreds of design possibilities and act as your own personalized avatar. What will you look like in the metaverse?

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A world divided per usages

Jamespot Land is full of public and private areas, each designed for a specific purpose. Meet other professionals in the city, bring your events to life in the amphitheater and meet all your collaborators in your organization's private space. 

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In duo or in team, with your collaborators or your partners, in a work meeting or during an informal exchange at the end of the coffee, discover a new way to collaborate and communicate via video conferencing thanks to Jamespot Land.

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Map templates

Bring your employees together in a private space entirely dedicated to your organization. Reinforce your corporate culture and make Jamespot Land the digital workplace of your organization by choosing your private card from a wide selection of templates.

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Lead your meetings like a real conductor with the Diapazone application! With your team or people outside your organization, Diapazone provides you with spatialized widgets for participative, dynamic and engaging videoconference meetings!

Find out about our other features

Jamespot, your communication and collaboration platform

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Enterprise social network

Structure your organization's information around businesses, interests and common / shared themes.

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Collaborative Intranet

Strengthen your organization's internal communication and structure access to your information system.

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Digital Workplace

Engage your employees in a unique experience with the best of Open Agora and Fast Intranet in one tool

How about switching to Jamespot speed ?

Start your test platform and get your team on board with Jamespot in less than 5 minutes.

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