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Collaborative Intranet

Fast Intranet

The new digital headquarters of your organization

Strengthen your organization's internal communication and structure the access to your information system

Your intranet will become your new digital home with Jamespot 

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Structure the access to information

Providing structured access to information and tools within your organization is a real productivity issue today. But you still need to find the ideal solution for your organization. One ideal solution exist though : Fast Intranet.


Fast Intranet provides simplified access to information (news, reference documents, key figures, etc.) and to your organization's information systems (HRIS, EDM, CRM, etc.). The solution also offers collaboration tools that have a significant impact on the working conditions and performances of employees.


With Fast Intranet, the time saving is major 🚀

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With Fast Intranet, you'll enjoy communication again

Fast Intranet gives your employees an overview of the company's data and activities

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The center of your communications

Make sure your employees have access to the most important information with Fast Intranet !


Streamline your corporate communication by centralizing your organization's information, news and resources in a single tool that your employees can access at any time.

Create your scalable intranet with ease thanks to Fast Intranet's no-code features and keep your employees informed in all circumstances.

The showcase of your organizational culture

Your organization is unique, even in the digital world ! 

Highlight your organization's values, objectives and processes and engage your employees over time around your internal culture.

Strengthen your teams' sense of belonging by facilitating feedback and highlighting each person's successes in a modern tool accessible to all.

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The dashboard of your business tools

Multiple tools in one solution !


Centralize all your reference business tools thanks to Fast Intranet: from your mailbox to your HRIS tool and your project management tools.


Make your employees more productive by grouping them around the tools they need at any time.

Your company's database

Fast Intranet keeps your documents up-to-date and secure !


Classify and structure your files and documents as you wish and facilitate their access and consultation thanks to the search engine.

Well-organized files for better productivity in all your departments !

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Key features of Fast Intranet

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Fast intranet

To easily create your intranet, the Fast Intranet application is ideal. With our widgets, you'll get customized intranet pages from scratch that centralize information. And promise, you don't need to know how to code.

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Surveys & Quizzes

Involve your employees with surveys and quizzes! Yes, there is nothing like a few questions to know the opinion of your employees. Plus, it's easy to set up. 

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Tired of always answering the same questions? Create an FAQ on your intranet. By theme or by subject, centralize the answers that everyone is looking for.

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The document databank

"I sent you the document by email" "Sorry I can't find it"... Does this sound familiar? Don't panic, our document bank centralizes all the documents and helps you find them. 

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The events

Like an invitation card, the event application allows you to manage your events from start to finish: Description, location, date, time, participants management...

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Business applications

But that's not all! The Jamespot Store is full of business applications more useful than the others (we don't say that because we created them), you just have to find the one that meets your needs. 

Fast Intranet: a simple rate with no surprises

Fast Intranet

Your 100% no code collaborative intranet 


per user / month

* Decreasing rate according to the number of users

Our customers say it best

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"By calling on Jamespot, we had two objectives: to communicate more easily information to our employees, and to provide them with reference documents (HR, CSE...). Today, our two objectives are clearly met and exceeded."

Lydia Veloso

Brand and communication manager - Groupe Ozitem

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