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A digital workplace that rhymes with efficiency

Cohesion, integration and organization

Digital Workplace - Solution

Jamespot, the Digital Workplace for all possibilities

Jamespot is the Number-1 SaaS software for Digital Workplaces on the market. The perfect tool to improve your digital communication and interactions...

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Digital Workplace - Solution Jamespot 1.

Many possible integrations

With Jamespot's Digital Workplace, you can take advantage of numerous integrations to enhance your work experience.
If you are using Office 365, G-Suite, Zoho-Suite, Active Campaign, MailChimp, you'll be able to integrate all your tools and save yourself and your team, a valuable time !

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Transform your organization

Our Digital Workplace is equipped with the SmartPlace application.
By connecting your Enterprise Social Network to the SmartPlace application, you'll get the best of both worlds.


Turn your Jamespot platform into a hub of efficiency and productivity.

A Simplified Hub for greater cohesion

Our Digital Workplace centralizes all your business tools in only one easily accessible place.
The advantage? A huge productivity gain for you and your teams with greater cohesion between your workspace and your daily tasks.
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Digital Workplace - Solution Jamespot 3.

A mobile interface coded with passion

With the Jamespot Digital Workplace, you can benefit from a seamlessly developed interface. A powerful no-code tool !
You don't have to develop anything on your own and each of your employees can have their personalized workspace without affecting the others, both on desktop and mobile.

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Digital Workplace - Solution Jamespot 2.

Our top 10 applications for your digital workplace

Jamespot has more than 100 collaborative and social applications that you can easily install and uninstall according to you and your team needs! Here are the top 10 of the essential Jamespot applications that you will find on your Jamespot Digital Workplace.


Smart Place

Bring together all your business applications



Centralize and share your documents



Manage your events and meetings



Get reminders when
you log-in



Manage your bookmarks with ease


Office 365

Connect your Office 365 account with Jamespot


Google Suite

Sign in to your Google Suite account with Jamespot

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Connect your Zoho account with Jamespot



Connect your business applications with Jamespot


Mobile Application

Carry your Jamespot platform on your phone

Our customers talk about their experience

With a tool like Jamespot, we have all the key information: the various calendars feed your personal agenda when you want to participate in an event, you can even communicate with the directory since you have access to all the members. We have the freedom to build the communication we want.

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President - Pink Innov'

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Why don't you try Jamespot speed?

Start your test platform and get your team on Jamespot in less than 5 minutes.

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