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About Jamespot

Our history, vision, and values 🚀

Our history

Every story starts with "Once upon a time..."


The story of Jamespot began long before its creation, when three friends, driven by a desire to be entrepreneurial, decided to take on a new challenge: to put people back at the heart of the digital world. It was in 2005 that this challenge took shape in the form of Jamespot, the first SaaS-based enterprise social network that aims to combine social and digital technologies to transform organizations.

With the success of the solution, Jamespot is now focusing all its energy on one goal: to further improve the user experience to help them embrace this digital revolution with passion and confidence. Every day, the solution's design and ergonomics evolve. Every day... "Co-Working Daily." reminds the Jamespot baseline. 

Today, Jamespot has more than thirty collaborators coming from different universes who are engaged in a formidable human adventure at the heart of new digital uses and practices.

Our vision

New uses of the Web

Consumer web uses od today are business uses for tomorrow. The movement has been going on for twenty years now. Google for search, Facebook, and Twitter for social networks, WhatsApp, and Snapchat for instant messaging.

 SaaD (Software as A Disk) is dead! Long live SaaS (Software as A Service) !

Like a mature industry, customers expect service and no longer want to have "garage" for their applications. The SaaS mode allows you to completely free yourself from these hardware contingencies to focus on your business.

New expectations become tomorrow's standards

For the general public: Emotion, real-time in a permanent digital/real space will become the norm.

For companies: Real-time in the digital/real blended space between internal and external will become the norm.

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Our values

Our values are written in our DNA. Today, they are still reflected in the daily life of our team and through our software:

  • Innovation

  • Kindness

  • Open

  • Team spirit

  • Agility

  • Respect

  • Cohesion

  • Creativity

  • Share

  • Excellence

  • Determination

  • Co-operation

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