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Diapazone: orchestrate your meetings like never before with Jamespot

Want to conduct your meetings like a chef? Diapazone is the application you need 🤩

While we just released WeDoc a few weeks ago, we are already back to share with you the launch of a brand-new app: Diapazone 🎼

With Diapazone, run your meetings from A to Z directly on your Jamespot platform.

Whatever your goals, you'll love setting up and running your meetings with Diapazone.

Want to know why? Here we go 🚀

Build your meeting like a boss 🚀

General meeting, brainstorm, kick-off, synchronization point... you should know from the start where you want to go with your participants.

Who are the people involved? What are your objectives? How much time do you want to spend on the meeting? Diapazone helps you to prepare your meeting efficiently 🤩

And since at Jamespot we believe that a good meeting is a timeboxed meeting, you will be able to split your Diapazone into sessions, allocating time and an objective for each. This will avoid endless debates and unnecessary procrastination 🤫

Lead your meetings very simply 🕹

Unless you're planning a long speech, you'll probably need to gear up for your meeting 🤩

And on the equipment side, we've seen things big… Shall we show you?

Communicate in real time by videoconference or chat

To communicate easily, Diapazone provides you with a video conferencing system. But nothing stops you from using your own video service while enjoying our other tools in support 😁

On the chat side, new features are also on display: a countdown timer, the possibility to send images, real-time reactions, and most importantly, animations 🤩

Animate your meeting with flash widgets

Need to know what your participants think, to create a to-do list in a few clicks or to know who will be present at the next meeting? Nothing could be easier! Opt for a flash widget. And you can set them up in advance or create them in real time. Pretty cool, isn't it?

Get everyone together around the right tools.

Boards, documents, or links, gather all your participants in real time around the right tools. And they' re interactive too. Yes, screen sharing is old-fashioned!

Write a collaborative report

When you have a meeting, you must keep a record of it. Here again, we have thought of you.

Diapazone gives you the possibility to write the report of your meeting directly within the application. With one click, you can give your participants the right to edit the report. Simple, practical and in addition collaborative 🤩

End on a high note with a self-generated report 👨💻

To conclude on a high note, Diapazone will automatically generate a report of your meeting for you.

Duration of the meeting, list of participants, widget results, links to media, all exchanges... Diapazone will format your report and share it with the right audience 🎯

Launch your first Diapazone 🚀

Diapazone is available today on Jamespot. You can test the application for free for 30 days to get an idea of its full potential. Don't hesitate to contact us to schedule an online demo of the solution.

See you soon on our blog for a new application made with love by Jamespot 🤗


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