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WeDoc: a new playground for collaborative editing ✍️

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

On this wintry day, the Jamespot team hopes to bring you a little ray of sunshine by introducing our brand-new collaborative app: WeDoc

In a few words, WeDoc is our new online collaborative editing app, and trust us, it will revolutionize collaboration on your Jamespot platform 🤩

So, ready to discover WeDoc? Here we go 🚀

A collaborative playground specifically designed for your teams 🕹️

Word processing, spreadsheets, presentations... Files are part of your daily life. Not a day goes by without you having to use them 🤫

Today, office tools have become true collaborative solutions allowing you to share and edit documents with several people, even remotely.

With WeDoc, store your documents, consult them, download them, share them, and especially edit them directly from Jamespot 🤩 Everything is visual to promote collaborative work. You'll see changes to your documents in real time. Yes, your documents come to life with WeDoc 😍

Based on the European leader OnlyOffice, WeDoc will quickly become you and your teams' ally on a daily basis 💪

Collaboration in all its forms 😋

As you can see, the WeDoc app allows you to collaborate directly on a document without the need to import a new version of it. But that's not all. To promote asynchronous communication (because we are not all on a document at the same time), we decided to link WeDoc with comments 💬

So you'll be able to exchange with your teams around your documents ultra-simply 😍

And as a bonus, if you use Smart Process, you'll be able to link your WeDoc to a process defined upstream. Simple, collaborative, and productive 🚀

The power of Jamespot search 👨🏻‍💻

Another strength of the WeDoc app is its connection to the Jamespot search engine 💪

Looking for a document but can't remember its title? Thanks to the search engine, you will just have to type a keyword present inside a WeDoc and Jamespot will take care of the rest. Your document will be found in a few clicks. 🕵️

Try out WeDoc today 🚀

WeDoc is a paid option and is already available on Jamespot. To see the full potential of the app, feel free to test Jamespot now for 30 days or schedule your personalized demo with one of our team members 😊

See you soon on our blog for a new app Made with ❤️ by Jamespot


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