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Bring your Communities to Life Every Day with the “Large Network Animation” Application

Manage and administrate a network of thousands of users with our brand-new Large Network Animation application.

After the release of Flash Widgets last month, I'm pleased to announce the launch of our long-awaited application for networks with several thousand users. I am of course talking about the Large Network Animation application!

Management and administration worthy of your network

Today, In recent years, we have launched more and more large platforms with thousands of users, such as Assurance Maladie (85,000 users) and Bpifrance (35,000 users).

You will agree that a platform with several hundred users is not managed in the same way as a platform with several thousand people. You have to rethink the administration, moderation, and animation... This is exactly what we propose with the Large Network Animation application 🤩

With this brand-new application, you can now create large independent communities with their own management rules, their own groups, their own content... all directly on your Jamespot platform. To manage so many users in your communities, you will of course have the traditional administrators, but to support them, we have created a new role: moderators. They will be able to manage the users, groups, and content of their community without having to go through the general administration of the platform. A real ally in daily life 🦸

In fact, if I had to sum up the Large Network Animation application in one sentence, I would say that it allows you to create mini platforms on your platform. #Inception 😉

A few examples of use cases:

I'll now show you some examples where Large Network Animation is more than recommended 😉

Let's imagine that you are a multinational company with employees working all over the world and speaking several languages, you could for example create user communities by country thanks to the Large Network Animation application, and each of these communities would be administered independently from the others with their own rights, groups, directories, document banks... In this case, coupled with the Translation application you will make a real strike with your communities 🚀

Another use case could be that you are a company with a big customer community attached to your brand, say a major sporting goods retailer for example. You would like to create a platform where you gather all your customers while segmenting them according to the sport they practice. Large Network Animation would therefore be the ideal application for you to create excitement around sports events, new items on sale... (By the way, if you find yourself in this scenario, don't hesitate to take a look at our Jamespot Engage offer) 😉

You can also quite easily create partner communities according to their type (reseller partners, support partners, franchisees...) with the Large Network Animation application. Indeed, you are not going to communicate the same information to your reseller partners as to your partners who work with you on your projects (agencies...).

Some tips on this application

In order to ensure the success of the Large Network Animation application, it is important to define the purpose, moderation and rights of each community in advance.

And to create excitement around your communities, there's nothing like giving them enchanting names: tribe, squad, team, brigade... give your imagination free rein 🧙

Let's get started!

Are you managing a network of thousands of users and finding it a struggle? Let us change your mind 😉. Just try out our Large Network Animation application.

By the way, what name(s) would you give to your communities? Will you be on the side of tribes, squads, bastions...?

Tell me all about it in the comments 🤩

See you soon for a new Jamespot app 👋


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