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New surveys coming to Jamespot!

A new application just join the Jamespot Store! The new surveys give you the possibility to create and run a multitude of customized surveys for the audience of your choice! Design, features and differences with the old version: let's take a look at everything! 😉

A Modern Design and a Top Ergonomics

While conducting and responding to internal surveys is important, many see it as an unexciting mission to carry out. That's why Jamespot developers have worked to provide you the most intuitive and enjoyable experience possible, whether you are the person conducting or answering the survey!

First of all, the look 😎: Conditional surveys have a modern look to make your experience pleasant whatever your role. After all, answering a well-presented survey is always more enjoyable, right? 😉

Then, on the ergonomics aspect 😮. Need to find a specific survey? Don't worry, all the surveys involving you, both those already completed and those in progress, are centralized in the application. You had started to answer a survey but didn't have time to complete it? No worries, you can pick up where you left off when you have more time! ⏰

Cherry on the cake: all the animations have been designed to make the realization of your surveys as pleasant as possible! 🤩

New features

A range of new options

The Survey application, which you are familiar with because it has been with many of you for many years, already provided you with a number of possibilities to customize your surveys. Its successor application, Conditional Survey, expands the number of features available even further, allowing you to go even deeper into the personalization and accuracy of your internal surveys. Here's a small overview of the different features that are just waiting for you 😉 :

  • Yes / No

  • Dropdown list

  • Unique choice

  • Check box

  • Rating (star)

  • Linear scale

  • Short answer

  • Long answer

  • Single choice grid

  • Grid of checkboxes

  • Attached file

Conditional survey: for millimetric surveys

The look is different, the functionality is different, but is that the only reason why the new survey is different from the old version of the application? In truth, the main reason for this significant difference is in the very title of the application.

At Jamespot, we believe that an example is always better than a long speech. 😉 You decide to conduct a quick survey of your employees. The question is: do you plan to go to the event taking place two weeks from now? "A simple question that leads the way to two distinct paths. Your employees who answered no will receive a thank-you message for taking the time to complete the survey. And for those who answered yes? The survey continues with additional questions such as "what is your email address? "or "what are you planning to bring back as refreshments? »

As you can see, your survey included a condition: a positive answer to the first question. With each condition, several possible paths were available and therefore more targeted answers for more precise results. 🎯

A few survey ideas to start with

Are you excited about testing the application but don't really have any ideas about what kind of surveys to conduct with your employees? Don't worry, here are a few examples to inspire you! 😉

Survey 1: measuring the well-being of your employees

We already had the opportunity to talk about it in a previous blog post: measuring the well-being of your employees at work is an excellent way to optimize your internal communication as a whole. And to measure this, you need to get their feedback on the different aspects that make up their professional life: do they have all the necessary equipment to carry out their activity? What do they think of the overall atmosphere in the open-space environment? Do they feel well integrated into the organization? 🤔

These questions will allow you to identify improvement points to boost your internal communication while showing your employees that, yes, their opinion counts and must be heard 💪.

Survey 2: managing subscriptions to an internal event

This is the example we have given you above and we did not choose this example by accident since it is indeed a type of survey to conduct among your employees! It is always good when organizing an internal event to know who among your colleagues will be present or not. The Conditional Survey application will be a great help to get quick and easy feedback from your employees.

The conditional survey application is already here!

We are very happy to offer you this brand-new application and we hope you will have as much fun discovering and using it as we had developing it! If you want to download it or simply learn more about its features, you can find it in the Jamespot Store!

See you soon for future Jamespot releases! 😄


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