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Jamespot for Slack/Teams: The Bridge Between your Workspaces and your Collaborators

Two news applications have just joined the Jamespot App Store: Jamespot For Slack and Jamespot for Teams! Two news recruits which have taken on mission of bridging between your Jamespot platform and your Slack and Teams workspaces in order to unify your communication 💪🏻

How to reach all Your Audience? 🤔

We are not going to lie, it’s quite rare that all the employee use a single tool. This is even more true (and frequent) when it’s about communicating with your colleagues. I need to send a file to a group to move a project forward. No worries, I have my Jamespot platform for that! Need to send an important information to a collaborator? We have an exchange channel on Teams, it will only take a few minutes. I need to see one of the developers about our next application? They only swear by Slack, might as well go get them there!

Juggling daily with 3 tools is taking the risk that the information is badly transmitted or even worse: that it is not transmitted at all 😭! Especially since switching to one tool to another takes time and you are not against spending your energy somewhere else!

Gather your Forces Around Jamespot 🎯

To make your life easier and make sure all your employees have access to your messages without leaving their favorite communicating tool, the Jamespot Team has rolled up its sleeves and developed two news applications: Jamespot for Slack and Jamespot for Teams!

Thanks to these two news applications, you will be finally able to stop changing tools depending on who you are talking to! With Jamespot for Slack and Teams, select the content of your choice on your Jamespot platform and in a few clicks, send it directly to your Slack or Teams workspaces! As simple than a retweet 😁

This way you are sure that all your messages reach the right person… whatever they are on Slack or on Teams.

If you want to know more about these two applications, don’t hesitate to have a look at their dedicated sheets in the Jamespot store 👇

And if you want to learn more about the Jamespot solutions and its features, you can get a personalized demonstration or a deploy your own Jamespot platform and test it as you see fit for 30 days!


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