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4 Advantages of an Enterprise Social Network for Your Organization

Wondering what the concrete benefits of an enterprise social network are once deployed within an organization? Then you've come to the right place!

The Enterprise Social Network is one of the most versatile collaborative tools and the most popular with organizations. But what exactly is an enterprise social network? It is nothing more and nothing less than an entirely digital professional space whose aim is to allow a community of people to work together, to exchange and to do their job more efficiently daily. You may have already heard of it, but more than just what it is, today we're going to look at the benefits, and more precisely at 4 of them, that such a tool brings to an organization when it is deployed within it.

And you'll see for yourself: the enterprise social network is not lacking in benefits, quite the contrary!

Are you ready? Let's get started! 🏁

One Tool, but dozens of Uses!

This is one of the first undeniable benefits of the ESN: the range of uses that it can cover once deployed. Where some collaborative tools focus more on a specific use (for example, chatops, whose purpose is above all to enable you to communicate in real time with your colleagues by sending messages and files), the ESN is a veritable Swiss army knife of professional uses, and this is ultimately one of its greatest strengths!

Do you want to communicate with your employees? The messaging system included in the ESN and the publication of posts are just what you need (we will go into the subject of communication in more detail later in the article).

Are you more interested in optimizing the management of your projects? The ESN includes a multitude of applications that can help you achieve this goal.

Are you more focused on administrative management and want to help your HRD to manage its multiple documents? The ESN is the best ally you could hope for!

As you can see, the ESN is not a one-size-fits-all solution. No matter what position your employees hold, the ESN will always have a feature in its pocket that can serve their daily activity.

A Fully Configurable Tool

Clearly, such a range of uses requires some preparation beforehand, which brings us directly to the second advantage of the ESN: its configurability.

To take the example of the chatops mentioned above, the chatops offers almost no possibility of configuration. However, the way in which you use it will not be different from the way the other organization uses it (single use = single functioning). The ESN is meant to be much more flexible and complete in the uses it offers.

Where a chatbot can be deployed very quickly, the ESN will require you to think in advance about the uses you wish to see in your organization platform. Despite all that it has to offer, it is not necessary to deploy all the functionalities of an ESN. On the contrary, it is advisable to prepare its deployment by visualizing the key functionalities in advance. Once this is done? Well, the ESN can be configured in such a way that you and your employees only find the functionalities that make sense for your business and therefore meet your daily needs.

At the end of the day, you don't have an ESN. You have YOUR ESN and believe us, that makes all the difference.

Communication in Every Form

We spoke briefly about communication earlier, but we feel it is important to focus on this point. Let's say it without hesitation: the enterprise social network covers absolutely all possible forms of communication. Let's take the first and most basic level: communication from one people to another. Since an ESN has a chat room in it, communicating quickly with one of your employees (or even several) is no problem at all. You send a message or a file in real time to the person of your choice and that's it: simple and fast communication, ideal for operational staff!

Communication within a team? Also possible thanks to the group (or community) system which allows you to bring together the people of your choice according to your needs (by department or by project) in a dedicated space. You can then share content (articles, documents, images, videos...) in this space to the collaborators who are part of it and to them only, according to your context.

Last but not least: organizational communication. Are you a member of the management committee of a company and you think that communication should be done on a large scale, for all your employees? Don't worry, the ESN can help you communicate your most important messages. While each department or project team can create a group to centralize exchanges and document sharing to increase productivity, the ESN also facilitates sharing information on a large scale thanks to a few key features.

This is truly one of the greatest strengths of the ESN: whether you want to communicate in real time with an employee, more collectively with your project group or across your entire organization, the ESN will always have agile features to help you build the communication you need within your organization.

The Individual and the Collective stronger

The communication aspect of the ESN brings us directly to the 4th and last benefit brought by this collaborative tool you are starting to know well 😉 : horizontality and a sense of belonging ! As we have just explained to you, a ESN is an incredible communication tool. But let's say it directly: before communicating, you must be able to put yourself forward! In an organization with a very vertical structure, it is difficult for an employee to show initiative and to make a personal contribution to the collective structure.

However, many companies have already expressed their wish to see their employees, whatever their position in the organization, share their ideas and opinions and thus become a force for proposal in the daily life of the company.

The ESN will not completely change the structure of your organization, but it will be a great help to encourage your employees to play a more important role in your structures. How? By giving them a space to express themselves and make their voice heard. Each employee with their own profile on the platform will be able to share content, comment on the publications of their colleagues, propose their ideas to their work group, in short, work and collaborate in a more efficient and, above all, enjoyable way. The ESN will allow everyone to promote themselves, regardless of their position or seniority in the company. A bit of animation will be necessary to invite your employees to use the tool, of course, but the purpose of the tool will be more important 😉

However, beyond the individual aspect, it is mainly the collective dimension that will ultimately be promoted. By giving each employee a means of communicating and collaborating daily, the ESN strengthens team cohesion and thus, at the same time, everyone’s feeling of belonging to the organization. And as you know, an employee who feels that he belongs to a unique collective is much more likely to take the initiative and actively participate in the life of the organization.

Jamespot: the ESN for your organization

What about Jamespot? What is special about it and how can it bring these different benefits to my organization? The answer lies in three words: personalization, collaboration and applications.

First, personalization: we are convinced that each organization is unique and that its identity must be reflected in the tools it uses. This is why we make it a priority to make your ESN look like no other: with Jamespot, you import your logo, your corporate identity and style guide, your codes... in short, you personalize the look of what will be your daily collaboration tool.

Collaboration: create as many thematic groups as you wish, share documents with your colleagues in a few clicks, exchange with them by messaging or videoconference... put collaboration and communication at the service of your productivity.

Finally, the applications: the Jamespot Store has a hundred business applications for a multitude of uses: communication, knowledge sharing, information, project management. Do you have a specific use to facilitate? The Jamespot Store has what you need in stock. You choose, you deploy, you collaborate... and it's done! 😉

To Conclude

Are you the type of person who wants to see things by yourself? There are two possibilities: you can contact us directly to get a personalized demonstration of the platform (and take the opportunity to tell us about your organization’s challenges) or you can test the tool as you wish via the free 30-day-trial. Either way, we'll be happy to help you make your enterprise social network deployment a success and support you in your organization’s transformation 😉

See you soon for more articles from Jamespot! 😄


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