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Recapture control of your internal communication with Fast intranet

Being close to your team with innovation in communication.

Staying at home and working with full potential is becoming a daily routine in the middle of this Pandemic. We are observing a grand scale change in a stereotype of working in an office to working from home. In 2020, 7 million employees (making up 3.4% of the entire U.S. workforce) work from home for at least half the time which now has increased drastically.

Good thing amidst the fear certainly happened was most companies responded quickly and made their workforce 100% remote to face this health crisis without creating chaos in the office culture. Kudos to them 🙌

Yet with all this technology, there is a sense of detachment when it comes to keeping in touch with employees 😔

That is a primary reason for us to launch our brand-new Internal communication module: Fast Intranet 🚀

We promise: to push information easily, quickly, and visually, on all media, from desktop to mobile.

Fast intranet: simple and beautiful in complete autonomy

As its name suggests, our Fast intranet module aims to empower you by letting you create stunning internal communication pages with ease and speed.

For this, you can count on our ultra-modern page editor and our multiple static and dynamic widgets:

  • Weather;

  • Flash-info;

  • News;

  • Document;

  • Calendar;

  • Survey;

  • Quiz;

  • Etc.

Let your creativity unleash 🎨 and boost your internal communication 🚀

Small Advice: Fast intranet dynamic widgets are directly linked to content published on your Jamespot Platform (e.g. survey, quiz, document etc.). Enough to give you a spotlight 🤩

Simplified administration

Apart from creation of the pages, the whole administration of the module is quite simple.

You can create your own page templates and your own combinations of widgets! You can fully customize your intranet menu with pages, subpages, Jamespot applications and also with links to external sites.

More info: Each user has their own menu depending on the audience attached to the pages you have created. That guarantees the security of access to information.

Why don't you go fast with Jamespot?

Fast Intranet is the module you need if you want to communicate and keep in touch with your employees via beautiful intranet pages. You keep control of your communication thanks to a simple and beautiful page editor that you can manage independently.

Do not hesitate to schedule a demonstration of Fast Intranet. To schedule click here 😉



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