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Organize the Presence of Your Teams on Site with Jamespot!

Discover "Attendance Management", the Jamespot application that allows you to organize the attendance of your teams on site in a few clicks!

With the end of lockdown comes the sensitive issue of the progressive return of many employees to the office. Employers, aware of the issues related to the health and safety of their teams, will have to deal with new rules and obligations.

Jamespot's Product Team and I wondered how we could help you in this new phase. At the same time, Ozitem, one of our great clients, came up with the idea of an application that would allow them to easily and visually manage the presence of employees on different sites. In no time at all, the Attendance Management application was in our starting blocks.

So, it is with great satisfaction that we are launching this brand new Jamespot application.

Attendance Management: Organize the Presence of your Teams on Site

With Attendance Management, Jamespot allows you to easily organize the return of your employees to your offices. In a few clicks, declare a site, define its available seats (its quota) and attach it to an audience (a group).

A calendar is then attached to the previously declared site offering your employees the possibility of communicating their presence on a given date with one click.

It will also be possible to see the list of employees present on the same day via this calendar!

How Does it Work?

Step 1 - Declare all Your Sites

Install the Attendance Management application, declare your sites and the number of places available

Step 2 - Report your Days on Site

On the calendar, easily declare your days of presence on site.

Step 3 - Check the List of Attendees

Check the list of attendees and see if the daily quota has been exceeded.

When Do you Start?

Attendance Management is the application you need to calmly plan the return of your employees to the site at the end of the lockdown period.

See you soon for more Jamespot features 😉


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