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Increase Your Team's Collaboration with the Jamespot Multi-Visio

The Multi-visio application gives you the possibility to use any video conferencing system directly in your Jamespot platform!

Videoconferencing has become essential for effective collaboration with your team when you work remotely (e.g. teleworking, remote, multi-site, etc.). One-to-one meetings, team meetings, webinars, relaxation breaks, etc. There are many reasons to use it... and there are dozens of solutions available on the market today!

It is precisely because videoconferencing is a central element in your daily life that we, at Jamespot, have decided to make it an integral part of our roadmap!

3 Objectives to Reach with Video Conferencing

The Jamespot team has set 3 objectives:

  1. To allow you to use a video conferencing system natively integrated on Jamespot.

  2. Allow you to use your own video conference rooms directly on your Jamespot platform.

  3. Allow you to create or recreate links with your teams in a fun way.

The first of these objectives has been achieved with the launch of Jamespot Visio and the integration of Meet.Jitsi. The last of these objectives was achieved with the launch of our Coffee Break application ☕️

Today, we are particularly proud to say that we have achieved the last goal with the launch of Jamespot Multi-visio!

Multi-Visio Without Limits

With Multi-visio, you can open any of your videoconference rooms in one click and invite the members of your Jamespot platform.

Teams, Zoom, Hangouts, Jitsi, Whereby, Apizee, Messenger, Skype... Simply copy and paste the URL of your rooms and invite your collaborators! 😉

How does it work?

Step 1 - Start a Video Conference

From the messenger or directly from the news feed, start a video conference and add the URL of your favorite system.

Step 2 - Enjoy Your Video Conference in Complete Freedom

Your videoconference is launched. The URL is saved so that you can access it more quickly in the future.

From the messenger or directly from the news feed, start a video conference and add the URL of your favorite system.

When Are you Starting?

Imposed or chosen, video conferencing systems are part of your daily life. We hope that this new feature will seduce you and be useful in your daily life. To find out more, contact our team, we will be happy to discuss with you.

See you soon for new Jamespot features 😉


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