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Focus on the Essentials with our New Notifications Center

You want to take back control of your notifications? The Jamespot team has been thinking of you and invites you to discover its brand-new application: the notification center! An application that facilitates the management of your notifications and allows you to stay focused on your missions.

What element follows you throughout all your working day? Coffee is a great answer, but we were thinking about notifications instead! 😁 It is true that they take an important place in your daily life, even more so than this famous drink! You check them at the beginning of the day to better prepare your daily missions, at noon after a good lunch, during meetings (it happens to everyone, you know?), while you are treating your emails... Basically, you check them all day long! They inform you of the evolution of certain situations but at the same time they distract you from your essential missions.

The notification center is already available in the Jamespot Store! Do not hesitate to test it 😉

In short, notifications are as indispensable as they can be sometimes invasive. You are therefore not against the idea of being able to treat them in a simpler and faster way to save time.

Welcome to the Center!

It is precisely with this idea in mind that the Jamespot team has developed the Notification Center! Instead of managing your notifications all day long, the Notification Center offers you to treat them in a unique space entirely dedicated to them! Find all your notifications whatever their nature (comments, social actions...) and interact with the ones you want to manage first.

Are you afraid of getting lost in the sea of notifications that wait for you? Don't worry: the center takes care of classifying and grouping your notifications according to their audience! Thanks to this smart grouping system, you can get a better view of your notifications while having the possibility to deal with topics related to a single theme.

Want to clean up your notification center? It's possible! Mark previously viewed information as read and archive it in just a few clicks!

In one sentence: keep control over your notifications and stay focused on the essential!

The notification center is already available in the Jamespot store! Do not hesitate to test it, to deploy it and to send us your feedback on its use!

We hope you'll like this new application and that it will meet your expectations! ☺️

On that note, I leave you: I have new notifications to treat! 😉


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