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10 Applications to Boost your Internal Communication

Want to give your internal communication a boost through your Jamespot platform? Let's take a look at 10 apps specifically designed to help you take your internal communication to the next level 😉💪

Optimizing communication within an organization is both a complex and delicate task. Complex because the number of ways to communicate information to employees has increased in recent years and it is becoming difficult to keep track. Delicate because establishing effective internal communication takes time where a simple mistake can destroy everything. To ensure that your organization has a powerful and sustainable internal communication, we have listed 10 Jamespot applications designed specifically to make you and your employees' voices resonate!

Your organization's intranet has been with you for many years but the weight of age is starting to be felt? Create a new intranet easily with Fast Intranet! Thanks to it, you can create and manage from A to Z the intranet of your choice: widgets, page templates, audience access to certain pages... the choice is yours! 😉

It can be difficult to communicate with some of your employees, as some of them are more in the field than in the office. With the "Feedback" application, you offer these employees a simple way to report the most important information and create a privileged link with them wherever they are!

03. Survey

Would you like to know what your employees think of the latest company event? Or collect their opinion on the brand new coffee machine you just bought? The "Survey" application is there for that: create the type of survey you want, collect the information you need and adjust your decisions accordingly.

You need help from one of your employees but he/she can't find the time to help you? Don't get stuck: ask the question directly to all your employees. Everyone can give their own answer to the question, and then it's up to you to choose which one is the most relevant!

05. Quiz

Animate your network and optimize knowledge sharing with the "Quiz" application! This application allows you to create your own personalized quizzes, in Multiple Choice Questions or simple answer mode, and thus make your employees aware of their strengths and weaknesses in a transparent and fun way.

Are you looking for a specific skill? Use your network and highlight experts with the skills you are looking for with "User Recommendation"! Search your database and find the talent you need in just a few clicks!

Exchanging and sharing with your colleagues on a daily basis is important, especially when distance is a factor! This is why we have developed the " Coffee Break " application: it allows you to take a few minutes to relax with one or more colleagues by videoconference! An application entirely dedicated to break and relaxation: perfect to spend good moments with your colleagues!

Publishing content is good. Reacting to your collaborators' content is even better! And for that, there's no need to leave a comment of several lines: the « Customized Social Actions" application allows you to show your interest in a publication with one click. "Like", "approve", "recommend" are all ways to express your opinion in a simple way.

Organizing meetings with your employees can be tricky depending on their availability. Thanks to the " Poll of Dates" application, you can determine with your collaborators the best possible date for your next meeting without having to use emails. This saves a lot of time for you and your employees! ⏰

Hot information needs to be shared and you want all your employees to know about it? The "Flash Info"application is made for that! It consists in pinning the content of your choice (article, image, link...) at the top of your Jamespot platform's activity feed. Each collaborator who connects to his platform will see the content pinned. An ideal application to notify the launch of an event or the arrival of a new collaborator!

To Conclude

Of course, this list is only a quick overview of all the applications in the Jamespot Store. Some of them, which are not in this list, are also dedicated to internal communication while others cover different uses such as knowledge sharing or project management so don't hesitate to go and have a look at the Jamespot Store: you'll find what you're looking for! 😉

See you soon for a new article by Jamespot! 😄


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