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6 Good Reasons for Deploying a Enterprise Social Network

The Enterprise social Network is one the most complete collaborative solutions on the market. Thanks to its many features, ESN (Enterprise Social Network) is able to respond to the problems of professionals both individually and collectively. Here are 6 good reasons to deploy an Enterprise Social Network in your organization!

Facilitate communication

Thanks to its integrated group and messaging system, the ESN frees up your employees' speech like no other tool. Forget the top-down communication to the intranet or the frenetic exchanges of the Chatops: in the ESN, exchanges are precise and target the audience you wish to reach.

Whatever it’s about a collaborator, a group project or for all your organization, the Enterprise Social Network offers your communication a bigger elasticity for faster and more pertinent exchanges.

Centralize your documents

Looking for an important documents in only a few minutes in a panic: this is a situation that too many employees are familiar with. The Enterprise Social Network make sure you don’t have to go trough this situation again. Every group in your ESN, whatever it’s a group dedicated to a project or to an entire department of your organization, has a documentary base that can be configured according to your need. All your documents are centralized in this base and are accessible by all employees belonging to the concern group… when they need them!

Optimize project management

Managing a projet from start to end is synonymous of multiple exchanges and file sharing. The Enterprise Social Network allows you to communicate in a simpler and more fluid way, but it also facilitate the different process involved in project management. Thanks to this workflow system, your collaborators get the latest actuality related to the current project without looking for information. The ESN offers you several applications designed to provide you a global vision of your project during every step of the realization: for example in form of table grouping together tacks of every individual person or an action plan followed over time.

Reinforce the sense of belonging to the organization

Thanks to information sharing, group and messaging system, ESN transforms the company into a more horizontal and agile organization. It increase collaboration, leading to better communication and bigger sense of belonging. The Enterprise Social Network allows you to maximise commitment and highlight the successes and innovations of your collaborators.

Maximize knowledge sharing

The Enterprise Social Network also has the advantages to facilite skills and knowledge sharing among all collaborator. Trough exchanges and discussions, collaborators merge their knowledge. Information sent into the workflow system represents a gold mine for employees. Regardless of time or place, that are able to access to all shared knowledge. The « Knowledge Base » applications allows you to capitalize on the knowledge created in order to access it quickly and by theme.

Stimulate innovation

The Enterprise Social Network allows each user to let their ideas flow freely. Social interactions are fluid, users can share their skills with other group member. The fluidity of information sharing, the lowering of hierarchical barriers and social interactions thus become generators of ideas. Moreover, information on the network offers the possibility to become familiar with various fields and stimulate its neurons. With the ESN, users open up, question themselves, discover new themes and generate innovations.

In this time of collaboration and mobility, the Enterprise Social Network is a collaborative tool that simply cannot be ignored. Complete, customizable and configurable, the ESN has everything you need to allow your organization and your employees to communicate and collaborate more effectively over the long term. And you, when do you deploy your Enterprise Social Network?


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