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Make Your Enterprise Social Network Project a Success

Setting up an ESN is not something to be taken lightly, and in spite of the technological barriers, the company's members must accept it completely. A small problem when you know that not everyone has the same facility to accept change, or to use digital tools. 😉

How to successfully launch a ESN project?

The implementation of an Enterprise Social Network is a project that requires reflection, discussion and exchange. If everything is not simple to implement, the ESN answers several questions, especially with a targeted and customizable tool (like Jamespot 😉).

Its deployment must nevertheless be done under certain conditions in order to be successful. For example, it is necessary to define your digital needs and establish precise technical specifications. It is also important to set up a schedule and trainings sessions specifically designed for the different skill levels of your collaborators.

The transition to this new way of working and communicating must be done smoothly and spread out over time, in several stages, so that all employees can, at their own time, get used to the tool.

Find out more about this ebook

Are you thinking about launching a ESN in your company? In this ebook, we look at the different aspects of implementing a strategy centered on the use of a ESN and the points to discuss in order to ensure a quick and efficient transition. The benefits of an Enterprise Social Network are significant and your company would be wrong to ignore them.

To download the ebook, nothing more simple, just click here!

And if you want to learn more about the Jamespot solution and its features, you can get a personalized demonstration or a free 30-day trial.

Enjoy your reading!


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