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5 Jamespot Apps to Enjoy the Summer with Your Collaborators

Summer is back but it's not time for a holiday or dream destinations? We have thought of you: here are 5 Jamespot applications ideal for enjoying the summer in many ways with your colleagues!

The sun is starting to shine, temperatures are rising and it's time to go out again... Summer is back, and everyone is happy! Many of you are no doubt planning a well-deserved holiday in the coming weeks! If this is the case, we wish you a pleasant rest: make the most of these days off to disconnect and recharge your batteries.

If, on the other hand, summer means work for you this year, then this article is especially for you, as we have prepared a compilation of the best applications to enjoy the summer with your collaborators! Surprises, fun challenges, and discoveries are on the agenda!

Are you ready? Then let's go for a tour of the 5 applications of the summer!

One of the first applications to be used during the summer is one that you probably already know, since it caused such a sensation when it was released: the Countdown application! An application that allows you to generate curiosity and excitement among your collaborators by teasing out an event.

How does it work? Let's say you decide to give your employees a surprise gift. You can either give it to them directly or use Countdown to create anticipation around your present! To do this, create a countdown for the time of your choice and scatter clues about the gift in all the boxes until the fateful date. Your employees will open a box each day and thus try to guess what is waiting for them at the end of the countdown: an ideal application to create excitement and expectation among your collaborators! 🤩

Sure, you're in the office and taking a picture is probably not the first thing on your mind when you start your day: that's understandable. However, some of your colleagues have probably gone on holiday and perhaps to some heavenly places that deserve to be seen. Even if you're not with them to enjoy it, the Photo Album application will allow you to contemplate their adventures and keep the connection no matter how far away you are from them.

Before they leave, don't hesitate to ask them to take the best possible photos of their holidays and share them on the platform! The goal is to keep all your employees in touch through your Jamespot platform wherever they are during the summer. You can even organize a competition for the best photo of the summer to encourage your employees to take photos and thus create an event that will benefit the whole organization! In fact, why not leave the choice of the best photo to the employees who stayed in the office 😉 At Jamespot, we organized a photo competition in 2019 for our clients: a real success that saw some of the most beautiful photos emerge! 👀🤩

03. Quiz

Summer is undoubtedly one of the best times of the year to organize games with your collaborators. One of the most famous and appreciated among Jamespot users is the knowledge test, made possible in just a few clicks by the "Quiz" application. This application allows you, as its name suggests, to create quizzes of various forms according to your desires and objectives.

You can choose the questions, the number of points obtained for each correct answer and the form you prefer between single answer and MCQ. A quiz on your organization? On general culture? About the destinations chosen by your employees on holiday? The choice is entirely yours! In addition to testing the knowledge of your employees in the form of a game, the Quiz application will allow you to animate your network at low cost and thus create a simple, fun collective event, in short ideal for the summer period! 😉

04. Badges

The Badges application follows the Quiz application in its interest: include a bit of gamification in your daily activities! The system of the application is very simple: you create and personalize badges which will then be awarded to your employees once the necessary steps to obtain them have been completed. As you can see, the badge system is particularly effective when it comes to encouraging the use of your platform.

In this case, why not take advantage of the summer to build a badge system specific to your organization with your employees? Summer is the ideal time to think about the uses you want to optimize in your platform: encouraging the publication of articles, the use of new applications, etc. Setting up a badge system will strongly encourage your employees to multiply their use of the platform and thus generate even more value for the whole group.

Rather than a badge system, do you want to take advantage of the summer calm to give your intranet a new look? 🤔 We've got the right application for you! Fast Intranet is one of Jamespot's star applications: it allows its user to create a personalized intranet from A to Z in a simple, fast and above all intuitive way! No more time-consuming and costly projects: Fast Intranet provides you with all the elements you need to build the intranet you've always dreamed of, without having to handle a single line of code.

Take advantage of the calm of summer to start using the application and create your first intranet pages with your collaborators: why not create a competition during which each of your collaborators tries to create the most beautiful intranet page? In addition to creating a collective event, this will allow your employees to get familiar with Fast Intranet and to understand its many features. The winner will even be awarded with a personalized badge to celebrate his victory, who knows?

To Conclude

Summer is a particularly quiet time in the business world, but it doesn't mean there are no opportunities. Whether it's strengthening the links between your collaborators, creating a collective event with them, testing their knowledge in a fun way or discovering a new application, there are plenty of ways to make the most of the summer with Jamespot 😉

There are many other applications to use within your platform, so don't hesitate to take a look in the Jamespot Store to get an idea! 😄

And if you want to learn more about the Jamespot solution and its features, you can get a personalized demonstration or a free 30-day trial.

See you soon for more articles and apps! 😄😉


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