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Jamespot Makes Latka 250 Fastest Growing SaaS Company List

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Since 2005, we’ve been focused on helping you grow your business. Today, more than 300 companies are using our tools and many of you have adopted our new applications. Once again this year, many new features have been introduced: improvements of the survey and notification applications, the Teams and Slack connectors or the launch of Coffee Break.

As we’ve grown, our CEO Alain Garnier has spent time sharing our growth story with podcast host Nathan Latka. The show has passed 13m downloads and our profile has been viewed over 30,000 times. You can listen to the last podcast here.

In addition to the podcast, each year Latka publishes the Latka 250 - a list of the fastest growing SaaS companies. This year, 5,091 companies applied and just 5% made the list.

We’re thrilled to share that we were in this top 5% in terms of revenue growth rate. 🥳 We thank you for that!

How The Rankings Work? 🤔

Nathan Latka sold his SaaS company in 2015 before launching his SaaS CEO Podcast and database at Each year he gets revenue growth figures from SaaS CEO’s and confirms the revenue via email with the CEO. The rankings take December 2019 monthly recurring revenue annualized (multiply by 12) and compare to revenue 1 month ago (December 2020).

The companies are then split into three buckets since it’s easier to grow a $1m company 300% compared to a $10m company. The three categories are $1m-$10m, $10m-$20m, and $20m-100m.

In total, the top 250 companies do $8.5 billion in revenue, service 2.2 million customers, and have raised a total of $12 billion dollars. You can see a digital version of the top 250 SaaS companies here and find the deeper story on our growth in the March issue of Latka Magazine.

Thanks to all of you for helping us land a spot in the Latka 250 for 2020. We look forward to another 12 years of helping you build your businesses! 🙌

Want to find out more?

Learn more about the Jamespot solutions and its features, you can get a personalized demonstration or a deploy your own Jamespot platform and test it as you see fit for 30 days!

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