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6 Ideas to Animate Your Teams this Summer!

Do you want to take advantage of the summer to create convivial moments with your teams and strengthen the bonds between your employees? Here are some ideas of games that you will love to organize on your ESN!

Summer is coming soon! The warm weather has already come and soon the holidays will begin!

For many organizations, summer is also a slower period. Your employees go on holiday and so do your customers. So why not take advantage of this period to strengthen the bonds between your employees and create a festive atmosphere?

To help you do this, here are a few ideas for activities that you can put in place on your ESN!

01. Sports Predictions

Sport brings people together, and Euro 2021 is one of the major sporting events of the year. The month of the championship will be full of predictions, matches and festive moments.

You can mark the moment by creating an internal event. For example, before each match you can ask your employees to make predictions. The closest ones win points. At the end of the championship, count them and offer prizes to the best predictors in your team.

So, enjoy Euro 2021 differently in your company, engage your teams and challenge your employees.

Ready to get started? Euro 2021 has already started! Hurry up and organize your contest!

And if you're not into football in your company, you can also adapt this to other sports events like the Olympic Games. These internal events work very well, whatever the sport!

O2. Your Platform on Holiday

The beautiful landscapes, the blue sea, the sunsets... 🏝 Holiday photos always make you travel! So that everyone can enjoy these beautiful shots, and the company can go on a trip too, ask your employees to take pictures with an object that reminds them of the company, during their holidays: a cup in front of the mountains, a pen on the sand or the Jamespot app in front of a sensational landscape 😉!

Then they can share their best photos in the innovation lab, for example. Just collect the shots and let your employees enjoy and comment.

03. The Photo Competition

As we told you in animation no. 2, holiday photos are very popular and make people travel. To animate your teams and make the most of the beautiful days, organize a competition for the most beautiful photo of the summer. Whether it's a funny photo, an incredible landscape, or a sumptuous monument, let them share their best shots.

At the end of August, ask your employees to vote for their favorite photo that made them travel the most. Don't forget a little gift for the winner!

And if photos aren't your thing, you can also organize a postcard competition...

04. Summer Blind Tests

Repeating notes, a catchy melody, lyrics from somewhere else... The summer hits leave their mark on our minds! To offer your employees an entertaining interlude while strengthening cohesion, choose to unite them with a special summer song Blind Test! Organize a video at the end of the day, and for half an hour, lead this Blind Test with all the songs that have given rhythm to each summer period.

And above all, don't apologize when your colleagues all have a song in mind!

05. Best Shirt Competition

Sometimes cool and sometimes cheesy, tropical shirts are synonymous with holidays and exoticism. And since we're sure everyone has one in their wardrobe, we suggest you hold a contest for the best Hawaiian shirt of the summer.

Each contributor can share their shirt with a colorful pattern and the others can of course make fun of it, or not! The lucky ones who are in person will also be able to wear them at work 😉

This will be an opportunity to create a real moment of conviviality and relaxation. For a few minutes, your employees will not talk about work, they will comment on their colleague's favorite Hawaiian shirt.

06. Retrospective of the Year

There is less news in internal communication in the summer, so it can be a good time to do a retrospective of this first part of the year!

Share in a photo album or during a videoconference, photos of the main events of the past months. Big news, important projects, major events... Discuss and comment on your company's past news together!

To Conclude

The summer period is often less busy with news than the rest of the year. Business activity slows down, and most employees are on holiday. These 6 ideas are here to make this period an opportunity to innovate and improve collaboration.

Jamespot applications are here to help you animate your summer: Surveys, Innovation Lab, video conferencing, photo albums... Take advantage of all our tools to federate your teams and create links between your employees.

And if you want to learn more about the Jamespot solution and its features, you can get a personalized demonstration or a free 30-day trial.


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