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5 golden rules of content marketing on a corporate social networks

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

A little while ago, you learned how to set up an effective internal communication strategy. Did you already started implementing it? Well, today, I want to take a step further by talking to you about content marketing strategy.

Content marketing is an essential element of digital marketing and consists of producing content adapted to the needs of your audience. But why are we talking about content marketing on corporate social networks? A simple explanation is to generate more interest and engagement from your users and to limit your efforts when writing content. Although you may have defined the basis of your content marketing strategy already.

That is indeed a good start as here, I'm going to introduce you to the 5 golden rules of content marketing!

01. Define objectives and KPIs

There's no need to rush and plunge into this! A good content marketing strategy has to be thought and well planned. You start by clearly defining your objectives and especially your KPIs.

Here are few examples of simple and easy-to-follow objectives on your platform thanks to indicators :

  • Number of readings

  • Number of likes

  • Number of comments

Once your objectives and KPIs have been defined, you can move on serenely to the next steps.

Brainstorming allows the team to define the objectives of your platform and the KPIs to follow.

02. Testing different formats

I think the most important rule is to diversify your library of content. Stories, photo albums, quizzes, surveys, news flashes, etc. there is no shortage of formats on Jamespot. And above all, stick to the practice of Test and Learn. As you test, you'll see which formats your audience is interested in, and which ones are a little less popular.

One last piece of advice on formats: commit to storytelling. Beautiful stories are always the ones that generate the most interaction, believe me!

03. Follow trends to find content ideas

With no surprise, your audience is getting tired... It's human! It's the harsh reality of trends... Take the Harlem shake, the ice bucket challenge, the floss, etc. they are all outdated... Maybe cat videos are still popular?

Whatever format you choose, there is only one rule to follow: Creativity. Surprise your audience with light and refreshing content. Let me share an example of a client who recently organized an Escape Game on Jamespot. A real success in terms of creativity, and above all, employee engagement makes it more fun!

Dare to engaging and innovative content: quizzes, contests, surveys, albums, etc.

04. Quality over quantity

Earlier, I told you about the regularity of publications. That is indeed an important element in the success of your content marketing strategy. Quality takes precedence over quantity! Why is that? Firstly, because you won't necessarily keep up with the pace you have set for yourself (I know what I am talking about!), and because your audience will be less receptive to your messages (we also talk about infobesity).

Take this advice: limit your public groups (news, the president's words, etc.) and limit yourself to one article per week.

05. Involve your ambassadors

So you are motivated, you've written several contents, but they're still struggling to take off? Make sure to make them viral internally! Add comments and encourage your employees to take action. For example: " @James, we're all looking forward to hearing from you. "or "@Marie, what do you think? ».

Each comment will send a notification to the members of your groups and it will move your articles to the top of the news feed.

Putting hands to works?

You now have all the keys to a successful content marketing strategy on your corporate social network. I'm sure this will help you with the daily animation of your Jamespot platform.

As for me, I'll see you soon with an upcoming article.



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