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3 tips to stand out and publish original content

Our modes of communication are constantly evolving and giving visibility to a post, standing out, creating cohesion around a message and passing on information to as many people as possible have become real challenges for companies. But how do you do it? And what should you take into consideration when writing it?

Jamespot gives you these 3 tips to stand out and publish original content 😊

Tip #1: Make your post a valuable opportunity

Communicate useful and targeted information.

The information you put forward must have a clear purpose. It is an opportunity to create value. Defining the target audience and the purpose of the message are essential elements to consider.

Unnecessary communication of information can have a negative impact on readers, causing them to lose interest. Don't communicate for the sake of communicating, set achievable objectives, and ask yourself why and for whom I am communicating this information?

Tip #2: Think strategically about your message

You have to be interesting to get your readers' attention.

To do this, you can think of different strategies, such as structuring your message like a pitch. Start with a hook, or a title that will grab attention, for example, a title in the form of a question such as: "Do you know how?" or "Have you ever wondered why?" Then, by presenting the issue you are addressing.

You can also use the tactic of humour and invite your audience to comment on your post. Involving readers is a great way to engage and increase visibility. For example, you can end your posts in an open-ended way by asking a question.

Don't hesitate to embellish your post by using emojis!

Tip #3: Adapt your format

Diversify the formats! Surprise your audience by multiplying the formats, be creative, you can write a simple post or publish a video. Podcasts are also a great way to communicate!

Creating a surprise in a short and adapted format will increase the buzz around your publications.

In short

Before publishing any content, you should ask yourself:

  • 🤔 Why you need to communicate this message?

  • 💭 What is your message?

  • 🎡 Who is it for?

  • 📬 Where will it be published?

  • ⏰ When should it be published?

  • ♟ How, in what format?

Now it's up to you! Don't hesitate to tell us in the comments if you have any tips for creating original content 😉

See you soon for more Made in Jamespot tips 👋


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