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The community manager’s yoga – Daily 10 minutes to manage your collaborative network

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Managing and moderating a collaborative network can seem time-consuming. However, repeating micro-actions change everything. To have the animation set up as a daily practice allows to save time, a sort of daily practices leading to long term benefits. 10 minutes everyday is all you need!

The upside : The author sees his recognized effort, it is an encouragement to share more. Furthermore, your comment draws the attention of those who would have missed the post. As a matter of fact, the thanking spreads a highly positive energy on the network.

Stimulate an unnoticed post – Time : 2 minutes

Choose a post without any comment, quickly revive the subject by mentioning a member by using “@”. The question must be quick, for example: " Do you know where can we find more information about the subject @Pierre? " This type of formulation allows to tag only the concerned member. On the other hand he can bounce by mentioning another person of the network, publication or reference.

The upside : As any comment, this one will draw the attention of the whole audience. But the intention is different from the thanking. Where the thanking brings of the positive without asking of return, the comment revive the exchange.

Manage the members – Time : 3 minutes

It is the moment to daily manage the members of the community: Invite a member in a group, identify those who have been absent for a long time, maybe even those who didn't complete their profile by adding a profile picture.

The upside : To daily manage the users allows to be constantly up to date. Even if it's pure functional, to be reactive in this created domain has a very positive impact, and give the image of an active platform.

Encourage a member – Time : 2 minutes

Choose a member and encourage him to post, to comment or to like, or add his(her) profile picture if it’s not the case yet. This action is made in private, via the internal or immediate messaging if the member is on-line. This is particularly effective because it entails more immediate effects.

The upside : Certain members need this help to take action and actually post something.

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