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Manage your projects and your team day to day

Drive your action plans

The Jamespot solution allows you to manage a project with confidence.

You can easily manage your tasks, delagate action plans and steps within a project. The powerful document management system stocks reports and deliverables in a collaborative way.


Thanks to Jamespot the project manager is free of tiresome tasks and empowers the staff for a successful project !

The strengths of Jamespot

Montrer ce qui est important

Augmenter la réactivité

Aider à la prise de décision

Drive your activity visually

The Dashboard allows you to quickly visualize the entire workflow by concentrating on the essentials.


New actions appear in the form of notifications while color indicators show the status of different items (tasks, action plans, objectives, etc.)

Share measurable objectives

Using the Objectives application, the entire team can see the development of outcomes and the objectives to be achieved.


The configuration options allow you to refine the indicators obtained here, and to provide reporting on the success of the action plans. 

Define the action plans

The Action Plans allow you to apply your company’s strategy by bringing together different views and applications.


These can be linked together hierarchically, and Co-Map© offers an instant, comprehensive overview of all the linked plans and their status. 

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