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Collaboration: accelerator for your profession

Empower your business processes with Jamespot

The Jamespot solution allows you to configure repetitive professional processes independently and without the need for development, to automate them and make them collaborative.


No need for Excel spreadsheets, with Jamespot you now have a professional application you can use on PC or mobile, where each of your employees can create or make progress with the stages of your professional process, according to their role.

The strengths of Jamespot

Drive your projects and processes

Centralize information and communication

Opt for dynamic professional tools

Opt for dynamic professional tools

Give your professionals collaborative tools to work directly and rapidly on their own specific problems.


Cross-cutting support, forums or structured references, access to information is deduplicated and feedback from the ground can be given fluidly and instantly.

Customize your applications to respond to the precise needs of your environment.

Drive your projects and processes in real time

Follow the activities in your projects and action plans, share objectives, and manage your teams in real time.


Adapt your processes on the platform via a flexible and customizable application which responds to your reality on the ground.


Get reports on actions taken and independently adjust your parameters as you go along.

Centralize information and communication

Use your Jamespot enterprise social network to create a unique location for storing and sharing both formal and informal information (prototypes, brochures from a competitor, press releases, etc.). 

Thanks to the collaborative functions of your platform (comments, versioning, etc.), employees enrich the information and confirm its relevance.

When do you want to start?

Open your enterprise social network now

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