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How to implement an effective internal communication strategy?

Let us take five minutes to review your internal communication strategy:

An essential element for team cohesion or internal communication is designed to strengthen your employees' sense of belonging. But to achieve this mission, you need to have an effective internal communication strategy that is consistent with your objectives.

Here are the 5 steps I recommend to create an internal communication strategy which will be effective!

01. Define clear, coherent and structured objectives

First and foremost, to implement an effective internal communication strategy, you need to define your objectives. Well if you don't have any! Don't panic, there's always time to do something about it. Today, internal communication allows things like:

  • Inform while managing the origin of information and its circulation within the company;

  • Train by enabling employees to acquire new skills;

  • Motivate by integrating employees into company projects;

  • Federate by capitalizing on common values and objectives;

Without clear objectives, it is difficult to establish an effective strategy! Choose one or more objectives from the list and make them the cornerstone.

A Brainstorm between the HR and marketing teams allows to align the objectives of internal communication

02. Allocate resources to manage your internal communication

Now that we have clear objectives, let us move on to the second step: Allocation of resources.

To have effective internal communication, we need to give ourselves the means to do so! Financial means on the one hand (the question of communication media depends on this variable), but also and above all human means. Rely on the Marketing and HR departments without being overly dependent on them(they do not always have the time needed to carry out this mission). You can also call on other services (commercial, legal, etc.).

For example, at Jamespot, the sales department communicates on new client projects, while the IT department shares product developments every week on our corporate social network.

03. Evaluate your internal communication on an ongoing basis

Once launched, take a few minutes now and then to evaluate your internal communication (strong points, areas for improvement, changes to be made, etc.). To do this, use KPIs of your content (number of views, number of interactions, etc.), or simply conduct an internal survey.

You will then be able to adjust your strategy in real-time to achieve your goals! It works, believe me😉

Conducting face-to-face interviews allows you to obtain feedback while creating a link with your employees.

04. Aligning internal and external communication

Align your internal and external messages. Inconsistency could confuse your employees and their perception of the company. In the long run, it is the employees' commitment that could decrease with all the risks that it brings (drop in motivation, bad buzz, etc.).

05. Communicate via the right media

We have defined our objectives, allocated resources, and aligned our communication. The last step is still to define the media. And here again, it depends on your strategy!

  • Do you want to communicate vertically? Select newspapers, bulletin boards, blogs, and other internal newsletters.

  • Do you want to create a physical link? Select internal meetings and other business meetings.

  • Do you want to communicate effectively and create engagement? Select a corporate social network (like Jamespot?).

Do not hesitate to make your internal communication more interactive and entertaining! Select impactful formats such as images or videos. Mix the styles and you will see the increase in engagement of your team.

Here you have the keys to success

You now have the keys to successful internal communication. If you are still unsure but optimistic, I recommend that you select a corporate social network. It includes all the advantages of the intranet, plus collaboration 🙂.

If you are not yet familiar with our solution, I invite you to try Jamespot for free.



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