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Innovation is a collective process

Create a space dedicated to participative innovation

The Jamespot solution allows you to put in place participative challenges to build a culture of open innovation.  


Whether with your internal public of your employees, with your partners, or with your clients/prospects, you can launch challenges in the form of calls for proposals, to collect ideas and structure them according to your own internal process.


Your community of innovators may extend beyond the current limits very easily for a short (over one day) or a long period, depending on your strategy.

The strengths of Jamespot

Mobilize your employees' ideas

Provide the transparency

Manage your calls for proposals

Mobilize your employees' innovative potential

Our innovation laboratory application makes it a breeze to manage your calls for proposals transparently.


Simply collect ideas from your employees. To get them more involved, why not encourage discussions and votes?


Take advantage of these features to spur participants into going online to discover proposals and contribute to them.

Provide the transparency of a collaborative solution

All proposals are centralized in the same location: the enterprise social network.


Your employees can follow the progress of ideas in real time, enrich them by contributing, and get involved in discussions with the other people involved.


The transparency and the growing volume of contributions stimulate creativity and interactions: we all like to emulate.

Manage your calls for proposals with Smart Process

Use the application Smart Process to structure all the stages involved in your calls for proposals and maximize their effectiveness.


Thanks to the dynamic dashboards, you can easily run the whole system.  


Stop wasting your employees' innovative potential!

When do you want to start?

Open your enterprise social network now

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