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Meeting facilitation


Orchestrate truly effective meetings with Diapazone 🎼

A new playground for running effective, participatory and productive meetings 🚀

Promise, you won't see time pass in meetings anymore 🙊

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For very effective meetings  🎼

It's not a surprise: we all suffer from some meeting related boredom. Worst, telecommuting has done nothing to alleviate this affliction, quite the contrary. We spend an average of 8 hours a week in meetings, or more than 40 days a year 😱


It's time to take action! And the secret of a good meeting is in two words: preparation and facilitation. 


But you still need to give yourself the means to do so. For that, you can count on Diapazone 🚀


Diapazone gathers a set of applications allowing you to prepare and animate your meetings in an efficient way, whatever your objectives (team meetings, brainstorms, etc).

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You will love to animate your meetings with Diapazone

Diapazone accompanies and orchestrates the digital life of all your meetings 

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Prepare your meetings

From the general meeting to the kickoff meeting, it is often best to know where you want to go. What is the purpose of this meeting, what do you want to come out with, and most importantly how much time do you want to spend on it ?


A good meeting is a time-boxed meeting: it avoids endless debates and useless procrastinations!


 Diapazone accompanies you to prepare your meeting at best:


   🚀 Who are the right people?

   🚀 What will be the agenda: the topics to be discussed?

   🚀 How much time should you give it?

Animate your meetings

Find on Diapazone, all the essential tools to run a successful meeting! From video conference to chat, document sharing and project management boards, gather everyone around the right tools.


All these tools can be configured short before your meeting. This saves time for everyone and provides the ideal conditions to start your meeting with a certain peace of mind. But we also leave room for the unexpected:


   ✨ You can trigger your animations when the time is right.
   ✨ Everything can be changed at any time.

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Real-time animations

Do you know our flash widgets? If not, let us do the introductions :


   🚀 You need to know what your attendees think? Hold a vote with the "Poll widget". 
   🚀 You need to know who will be available for the next touchpoint? The "Attendance widget" will help you.
   🚀 Finally, if you need to make a to-do list, the checklist is there, and it can always be updated after your meeting is over. 

Pretty handy, right?

End your meeting on a high note

With Diapazone, you can write notes and find the message history once the meeting is over. 


But did we tell you that Diapazone also gives you auto-generated reviews? 

Find out directly :


   ✨ The duration of your meeting, 

   ✨ The list of participants and statistics on their engagement,

   ✨ Poll results and widgets.

Diapazone is not done helping you!

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The key features of Diapazone

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The videoconference

To communicate easily, we recommend you to use our internal video-conference tool. But nothing prevents you from using Diapazone with your own conf-call service while taking advantage of our other tools in support!

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The tables

Organize your sprints or your project around a kanban tool. 
The little extra: everyone can use the board at the same time. Yes, screen sharing is a thing of the past!

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The links

"I shared the link with you" "Where? I didn't get it!" "Can someone please re-share it I just got here?"  Sound familiar? We've got just what you need: a big button right in the middle of the page. No one will miss it, I promise.

Icon Diapazone.png

The tchat

We haven't reinvented the wheel... yet! There are some new features: a countdown timer, the possibility to send pictures, real-time reactions... But didn't we tell you? Everything is preserved. You can find all the exchanges later.

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There is nothing like a joint review of documents to ensure a good project kick-off or to make sure that the information is passed on to everyone!

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The reviews

In order to keep track and to be able to refer to it, the integrated report allows you to write a recap. But what about giving this responsibility to a participant? It could even be in real time 😉

Diapazone: a simple price with no surprises


The solution to orchestrate your meetings with a masterful hand

4€ HT*

per user / month

* Hors coût mensuel de la plateforme Jamespot

Diapazone is the favorite application of our marketing team

Guillaume Diapazone.png

I use Diapazone every week to facilitate my team meetings. I can only tell you that it would be impossible for me to do without it today. I save a lot of time in preparing my meetings and I centralize all my tools in one place. And I'm not talking about the automatic minutes generated at the end of the meetings 🤫 

Guillaume Poumadé

 CMO - Jamespot

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