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Communicate more directly with your colleagues

Enterprise Social Network, intranet and extranet

The Jamespot solution allows your company to communicate across departments like never before.


With its ease of use and installation, each employee can now rapidly roll out important information, a file to be validated, or an announcement to be shared.


There is greater responsiveness to decisions and you spend less time repeating the same information.

Employees become assets in communication and independent within their scope, producing beautiful visual output that helps to send messages well beyond what can be achieved with an intranet.

The strengths of Jamespot

Lead and inform in real time

Engage employees

Get a return on the ground

Share information in real time

News flashes, registration for events, updates... you can inform your employees at the right time, and directly monitor reading and interaction.


And to be certain that everyone has access to the information, integrate the platform with your internal IT system (opening at computer startup, desktop shortcuts, no need to re-enter passwords, etc.).

Engage employees

Talk directly to employees and measure their engagement through their publications, comments on news, and number of likes.


Offer them interactive content such as quizzes, and encourage them to help each other.


Developing your internal network through a directory of rich content is another way to promote engagement in your company.

Get a return on the ground

Enrich your ground knowledge through user surveys or by offering other ways to give feedback.


Lead your target audience and encourage innovation with dedicated and intuitive applications such as feedback forms, discussion groups for particular problems, etc.

When do you want to start?

Open your enterprise social network now
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