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A secure Extranet to collaborate with your communities

Open, secure and

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Don't leave your external collaborators on the side

Jamespot is the ideal SaaS Extranet software to share the value of your organization with your ecosystem.

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Secure ecosystem for everyone

With Jamespot, your Extranet is completely secure to prevent confidential information from being divulged.
The rights you assign to your external collaborators as well as the groups you put them in will determine the information they will have access to.

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A bridge to improvement

With its rich collaboration and communication capabilities, the Jamespot Extranet strengthens the bond between you and your partners, customers, and suppliers, allowing you to collect their feedback and improve your service offering.
It's up to you to explore greater opportunities for collaboration with Jamespot.

Front door to your organization

With Jamespot Extranet, offer your external collaborators privileged access to your organization's information.
Your customers, suppliers or partners will all be able to connect to your platform from their account wherever they are and whenever they want, thanks to the mobile application.

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Collaboration at the forefront

Creating an Extranet on your Jamespot platform means opening up exchange and collaboration to your external collaborators.
Facilitate your projects with your external collaborators by allowing them to access information, share documents (articles, photos, videos...), comments, direct messages...

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Software for all your communication and collaboration needs

Jamespot is a SaaS software 100% configurable according to your collaboration needs, whether at the organizational level (intranet, extranet, digital workplace, etc.) or the team level (agile projects, business communities, operational chat, etc.).



View all your organization's activity



Create and manage your own business communities



Consult the user directory
of your platform


Business Directory

Consult the business directory of the network



Centralize and share your documents



Manage your events and meetings


Share a publication with an external person


Facilitate exchanges and develop knowledge


Online Edition

Collaborate with others on the same document


Mobile Application

Carry your Jamespot platform on your phone

Our customers talk about their experience

We now have an easy-to-use tool that allows our institutional clients to come to us with technical or commercial requests.


Director of Projects and Clients  - SEMEA

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Why don't you try Jamespot speed?

Launch your "test platform" and get your team on Jamespot in less than 5 minutes.

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