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Collective strength to respond to your business challenges

Create a collaborative support network

The Jamespot solution enables you to stimulate the collective knowledge of your teams by putting in place a support network, where each person can ask questions and receive responses from their colleagues in real time.


It's a brilliant tool for decompartmentalizing and destroying the silo mentality. Allow the latest arrivals to gain access to the knowledge network faster. But particularly, it ensures that anyone who has information only has to efficiently reply once, without needing to repeat themselves at every new request.


This saves time, energy and increases the gratitude for your colleagues.

The strengths of Jamespot

Galvanize exchanges of information

Organize information updates

Optimize performance

Galvanize cross-department exchanges of information

Give users the chance to ask professional questions and to respond to questions across the network. Questions that have already been asked are flagged up, so users have access to the professional knowledge base that is gradually built.


Structure this base with themed groups, keywords, and the FAQ application which allows you to pin discussions.

Organize information updates in real time

Feedback information updates from the field via a dedicated professional application.


Employees in the field post feedback, incidents, and successes for a defined audience.


You configure the way it is posted and handled on the network, if needed via a process where you define the steps.

Optimize performance

Support requires fewer internal resources, field employees become more responsive thanks to better access to information, and decisions are taken faster.


The fluidity with which information circulates increases global performance within the organization.

When do you want to start?

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