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Jamespot Support

To make your project successful 🚀


Our consultants are passionate about using technology to transform the way work is done in the enterprise. Each brings their best practices and proven methodologies to each assignment.

This level of expertise is built on in-depth experience in deploying tools in companies, including large enterprises.


Before creating and deploying your social network, you need to think strategically to ensure the success of its implementation which involves adopting Enterprise Social Network and the participation of your users. We can help you define a scripted strategy based on our experience in this field. We will also be able to advise you on partners specialized in Community Management to accompany you in your large-scale projects.

Our consultants as our partners are experts and able to assimilate the company's vision in its technical master plan to customize and implement your Enterprise Social Network. Through integration of Enterprise Application, our consultants understand all the ins and outs of support from installation to configuration and tuning.


​​Train in Enterprise Social Networking

Customizing your tool, learning how to use and administer your Jamespot platform properly are the keys to your success.

​We can train you remotely, organize webinars, provide you with training guides, or organize training sessions on your premises.

Also, all the quick start documents and user manuals for the Jamespot solution are available on the Ecosysteme Community

Setting up your Enterprise Social Network

In the month following the creation of your Enterprise Social Network, we offer to help you configure your platform and design your content tree structure in order to move quickly and efficiently to the deployment phase.


You will then be able to quickly get to know your collaborative work tool and train your first users who will be your ambassadors for the propagation of "best practices".

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Technical Support

Our technical support department is based in France and is 100% online.


Each new Jamespot customer has access to our Ecosysteme Community to make support requests. Through our support application and you will be able to follow the progress of your request in real-time.

You are welcome by the Jamespot Support team every working day from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm on Ecosysteme.

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Why don't you try Jamespot speed?

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