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What “Jamespot Applications for Google” is, and how it enables connection, and access to your Google drive and Gmail. 

Jamespot Applications for Google is a common authentication app that allows you to be identified in your own platform, using your Google credentials. 

Once connected, you may use your Google Drive service right from within your own platform, and share Google Documents inside your own Jamespot Platform.

You also may be able to activate the Gmail Widget in the Smart Place Application, to display the last mails from your Gmail account.


We ask for your consent to connect with our "Jamespot applications for Google", and allow you to securely authenticate and connect your email account to Jamespot applications. 

When you connect with your Gmail account, we store and protect the data you consented to provide us from Google, which includes:

  • Your basic profile information (Name, Email address, Country).

  • Emails you receive on Gmail.

  • Your Google Drive files

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