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About Jamespot

Since 2005, we have been creating the collaborative tools of tomorrow to make digital an ally in the service of the collective success of organizations. 

Discover our history, our vision and our values.

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Jamespot story

Jamespot was created in 2005 by 3 entrepreneurs passionate about digital technology, innovation and people. Their conviction ? That everything has to be reinvented in the Digital world by merging these 3 ingredients.

A mentality that allows Jamespot to offer a complete collaborative solution to all professions to help and accompany them in their professional life.

17 years later, Jamespot means :

  • More than 350 customers in the public, private and associative sectors

  • More than 400,000 users worldwide

  • 35 employees from all over the country

  • + More than 100 innovative applications for all professions

  • More than 15 awards

  • A leading sovereign collaborative solution in the French SaaS market

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Our culture

How do we apply these values in reality?

By multiplying the moments of ideation, mutual aid, sharing, feedback, questioning but also amusement, the whole being in different places !


Our values





Innovation : Imagining the future to create collaborative tools that will meet tomorrow's business needs.
Progress  : Learn from our mistakes, progress in headwinds or favorable winds. Each experience is an opportunity to progress.
Agility  : In our missions, our initiatives, our interactions with other departments, acting is the result of the will of each person for the benefit of all. 

Team spirit : At Jamespot, success is always collective. Like a sports team that celebrates its victories thanks to everyone's involvement, but always in a collective, transparent and benevolent manner.

Agility as a spearhead

Our employees come from Paris, Annecy, Montauban, Madagascar ... No borders at Jamespot: we have placed agility as a pillar of our culture by adopting a 100% flexible model. 

From Jamespot's offices, from home or from a coworking space: our employees can choose their work place according to their context.

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Collective as mantra

Team spirit must be maintained! This is why collective moments are a central part of our daily life.






Collective exchanges at the beginning and end of the day to optimize our coordination.
The discovery of the employees' professions during the "Live my job" event

The Friday night game to congratulate each other on the work accomplished and to end the week in a fun way.
Team brainstorms to ensure that ideas and knowledge never cease to circulate among all Jamespot members.

And all those collective moments where everyone lends a hand to others outside their usual perimeter to move the team forward.

Innovation as horizon

Editing collaborative solutions in the digital world implies not to stay on the ground and always use innovation as an objective to achieve.

At Jamespot, initiative and suggestions are everyone's business.
Each employee can make his or her voice heard and be a force of proposal to improve our solutions and thus meet the needs of the organizations that trust us.


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