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Chatops that unleash the voice of your collaborators

Fluidity, speed, mobility, and efficiency

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Find out about what Jamespot Chatops will bring to your daily life.

Jamespot is the most configurable Chatops - SaaS software on the market. Enter in a new era of communication with your teams.

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... By writing or by Videoconference

You're not a big fan of long messages and endless written conversations? In that case, we have an alternative solution!
Jamespot Chatops gives you the possibility to make real-time video conferences with the audience of your choice. So you can quickly organize a one-to-one (or more), wherever you are and at any time.

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Communicate anytime, from anywhere 

Deployable on both desktop and mobile devices, your Jamespot Chatops enables you to always have a way to stay in touch with your employees.
Whether you're at work or constantly on the move, you'll have a powerful tool to keep in touch with your professional environment, anytime, from anywhere.

Interact with whomever you like...

Whether you need to communicate with a specific employee or an entire team, our Jamespot Chatops allows you to start a conversation with anyone within your organization.

If you want to talk about a hot topic in the organization or exchange ideas about a rolling project, Jamespot Chatops will always be there to make sure your voice is heard.

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Countless possibilities

In addition to allowing you to exchange in a simplified way with your collaborators, the Jamespot Chatops also opens the door to a rich field of functionalities, all adapted to your needs.
Do you want to test your employees' knowledge? Share a quiz with them! Need to set a date for the next meeting? Ask them to be part of your date poll !

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A software for your communication and collaboration needs

Jamespot is a SaaS software that is 100% configurable according to your collaboration needs, whether it's at the organizational level (intranet, extranet, digital workplace, etc.) or at the team level (agile projects, business communities, operational chat, etc.).



Communicate with your teams in real time



Launch and host video conferences



Consult the user directory of your platform

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Create groups and collaborate easily



Centralize and share your documents



Mention user, contents, groups...



Illustrate your exchanges with animated Gifs



Share rich content in real-time



Set up your own bot


Application mobile

Emportez votre plateforme Jamespot partout avec vous

Our customers talk about their experience

Jamespot's mobile application allows us to easily communicate with our nomadic population so that they can get the information anytime, anywhere. Out of our 300 employees, the Jamespot mobile application has been downloaded more than 200 times.


Brand and Communication Manager- Ozitem

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Why don't you try Jamespot speed?

Start a test on our platform and get your team on Jamespot in less than 5 minutes.

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